An investigation of the simple pendulum

If large masses are used then the stands may need to be clamped to the bench. Variables to investigate include:

An investigation of the simple pendulum

In order to verify the authenticity of the letter we received, we contacted VOM first. A man answering the phone and listening to our question transferred us to a message machine. We left our question but did not receive a call back as of the writing of this article.

We then searched on the Internet and found a phone number for Michael Wurmbrand. We called and had a ten-minute conversation with him. We also have had e-mail correspondence with him since. We have also been able to verify many of the statements he has made below. We also believe Michael is not making these statements out of any vindictive motive.

Some may be asking why we are posting this, given the fact that VOM works to help persecuted Christians worldwide.

A few comments on that: First, as Lighthouse Trails has always maintained, the power of sin lies in its secrecy; and this is especially true in cases of child sexual abuse.

Michael explains below what happened after he made that request. There have been other concerns about VOM ecumenism, Catholic sympathies, contemplative, etc.

Third, as we witness various Christian organizations being exposed for sexual, financial, and other scandals such as the recent allegations by over thirty women against Bill Gothardthe serious plagiarism by Mark Driscollthe demise of Vision Forum a major player in homeschooling resources, and so forthtwo things come to our mind: First, the secular media is using these stories to make it look like this is how most fundamentalist conservative Christians behave.

The church is filled with mega-corporation-style organizations that act as if they can do anything they want while they toy with the emotional and spiritual lives of millions and play catch-me-if-you-can.

Add to this the utter catastrophe of contemplative mysticism i. While we know that the liberal secular media and the emerging church will use these stories for political gain and actually to cause confused Christians to come over to their side, we also know that God can use these situations to bring about genuine conversion and repentance among many.

While we know that 1 John tells us we are liars if we say we do not sin 1 John 1: While it is not the intention of Lighthouse Trails to destroy any ministry, we cannot in good conscience push under the rug situations that come to our attention when they affect so many. Our hope for these ministries is that they would walk in repentance and godliness just as God has called all Christians to do so.

An investigation of the simple pendulum

Many of them are sincere conservative Bible-believing Christians, and they are the ones who are going to be most hurt by what their leaders have done.

For example, millions of homeschool families have sought out the teachings of Bill Gothard. We have heard rumors that this is already happening to some of them. This situation with homeschoolers is serious. And it was just recently that a major homeschool curriculum CEO from Vision Forum stepped down after admitting to an extra-marital affair.- An Investigation of the Factors Affecting the Period of a Pendulum I could investigate the following factors: * Angle of displacement * Length of string * Pendulum weight I am going to investigate and see if varying the length of string will affect the period of the pendulum.

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a Show a demonstration pendulum and ask students to think about the variables that may affect the time period for one oscillation. b Ask students to select one independent variable, collecting a set of data to investigate its effect on the oscillation time.

A pendulum's period is the time it takes the pendulum to swing back to its original position. In the example of a kid being pushed in the swings at a playground, this is the time it takes the kid to be pushed and then return back for another push.

Hi Rebecca – It sounds like a balancing issue which is minor but if the clock master is the one you got it from I would definitely take it back and have him look at can be several issues, most of them minor that can cause issues.

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An investigation of the simple pendulum

I will be investigating the effect of the length of a pendulum’s string on the time for the period of that pendulum. Given my previous knowledge, I know that a pendulum behaves in an to conserve paper on the lab and also because I believe that further investigation would have distracted from the purpose of this lab.

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