Aping of western culture by the younger generation

Now that the CAT results are out and the second round of the B-school admissions process is in full swing, I thought this is the right time to align the thoughts of students towards the question — Why do you want to do an MBA? Lakhs of students aspire to do an MBA every year, some plan to study in India and some plan to go abroad. But not many students are clear why they are aspiring for an MBA degree. However, this is the first thing that any B-school interviewer would like to understand.

Aping of western culture by the younger generation

But we are not ready to see the ground reality of our education system that how come it is going to help you in getting a job that could pay you in six figures.

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With my own experience, I have jot down 10 fundamental problems with education system in our country. You need to know these 10 problems. Education System Promotes Rat Race Our education system basically promotes rat race among our children. They have to read and mug-up entire text book without any understanding of it.

So a student who scores 90 out of and comes first actually remains a rat. I mean to say he or she does not have any analytical skills that a child must have. It is time to change our education system. Education Does Not Builds Persona of a Child Unfortunately our education system is not helping to develop persona of a child.

Remember, it is personality that is more important than academic qualification. As I said earlier, our system demands good numbers from a child in an exam not to show his personality.

Hence a child is not well exposed to outer world and he or she might not be able to develop a personality.

Aping of western culture by the younger generation

So this is another flaw in our education system. No Critical Analysis, only Following the Establishment Our children are not able to do critical analysis of anything, for example our history, culture and religion.

Aping Of Western Culture By The Younger Generation Free Essays Free Essays on Aping Of Western Culture through For example, let's say you're a aping of western culture by the youngsters essay singer. Essay on aping of western culture Essay about shakespeare hamlet sample thank you letter after interview fax cover sheet. Barber Deric Overview Bangkok com. The younger generation has accepted the individualistic view point that has tended to loosen our social bonds. The institution of joint family and the caste system have received very. Enduring Cultures – A Socio Cultural Toolkit Shweta Verma Industrial Design Centre Indian Institute of Technology Bombay aping of Western manners, the East Indians (Roman Catholic ethnic group from the west coast of India) are There is also another section of the younger generation of the community, which, under the influence of education.

They take the line of establishment or the views of predominant majority. They are simply not able to look things from their own perspective.

If you want a society should become a lot better than we must develop a culture of looking at things critically. We are simply failing at this because of our education system.

Children must learn to criticize our own culture and other established narratives. Too Much Parochialism Rather Global Outlook Our education teaches too much of nationalism and it could create a negative mindset in our younger generation. Loving your country is good thing but just blind love is dangerous.

In our schools children are not able to get a global outlook.

Aping of western culture by the younger generation

It means how to see yourself that you are actually a global citizen rather confined to a place or a country.Oct 14,  · Is the Indian culture vanishing from the soul of young Indian Generation?

Today the western culture has its tremendous impact all over the country and it is to such an extent that the young people now feel a shame to follow the Indian tradition but they wear a pride on their face by adopting the western culture and this proves that now the scenario has all over entered a new phase.

Aping Of Western Culture By The Younger Generation | | Mounting western culture degrading India on the whole.

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Have you ever seen the pictures of Jatindranath Mukerjee or Chandrasekhar Azad or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose? Apart from being leading revolutionaries of the Indian freedom struggle, these three great personalities had something more in common. The younger generation is much better.

Read More. Our People. Our People Pankaj Patel. Legal Corporate Planning Future Group “It’s been 15 years in Future Group. Out here we are rooted in Indian values which help us stay away from blindly aping the western culture.

We, as a team and organisation, believe in the power of human. Aping Of Western Culture By The Younger Generation Free Essays Free Essays on Aping Of Western Culture through For example, let's say you're a aping of western culture by the youngsters essay singer.

“Human beings learnt to create music by getting inspired by the elements – air, water, thunder, etc.

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– to express their emotions like joy, pleasure, sadness and love,” he said and emphasised on the need for teaching Indian classical music to the younger generation who are aping western culture and prefer western music to their own.

Jun 02,  · Best Answer: I do think that Indians like to follow western culture but with moderation. Still in Indian families u can see that the children respect their parent,elders,sit together for dinner at least, & u 'ld be shocked to know that a average Indian is much faithful to his religion & is quiet serious Status: Resolved.

Challenges and Issues in Present Education System