Five myths about immigration by david cole

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Five myths about immigration by david cole

Amy Hetzel If not for immigration, I would definitely not be here today. My parents met in high school and the rest is history. Immigration has provided countless families with the opportunity to escape persecution, political strife and poverty, and start anew in a foreign land.

North America was founded and established by immigrants, people from the East and the West. Today, we have a melting pot society consisting of people from all parts of the world.

The essay, Five Myths about Immigration by David Cole, effectively contradicts the assumptions of immigration. Cole argues each point tactfully contributing his own opinions in each myth. He begins the essay by presenting some historical background on the making of this nation.

He tells about the "Know-Nothings" and their political movement to oust "the greatest influx of immigrants from Ireland, where the potato famine had struck, and Germany, which was in political and economic turmoil. Cole continues by saying: I thought Cole would condescend to the immigrant population about the laws of citizenship and freedoms.

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Nov 29,  · Cole attempts to debunk five common opinions about immigration and its implications. The first myth is “America is being overrun with immigrants”. The author refutes this thought by maintaining that the immigrant population is approximately 8% today compared with the much higher percentage between the years of and Reviews: 1.

Author David Cole explains in "Five Myths about Immigration" that people are misinformed about immigrants in America and blame them for all the problems in the American society.

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In the article Five Myths about Immigration, author David Cole speaks upon the top five myths about immigration and explains why they are not true. He provides the audience with an argumentative article.

Five myths about immigration by david cole

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Composition II Course Blog: Analysis of David Coles Five Myths of Immigration